Email marketing Services for your Phoenix Arizona Company


Email marketing for businesses is far from dead. With direct mail taking a back seat, email marketing has taken the lead for business-consumer communication. There are countless email marketing software systems available on the web that offer personalized templates & campaign reporting tools. However, finding the time as a business owner to fully optimize your email program is usually extremely difficult.

At Outflow Marketing, we take a different approach to email marketing. With local attention, personalized design & industry content, and a solid lead-generation system, we can provide your stale email marketing program with the boost it needs to generate leads, referrals, and retain past customers.


Our in-house graphic designers have developed hundreds of email newsletter templates for individual clients. Whether you need to market yourself as an individual, your services as a local provider, or your products as a national or international retailer, our team of professional email designers can create a template that truly speaks your company vision.

At Outflow Marketing, we work with your company’s existing media and ideas to develop an email template that best depicts your company values, vision, and services. Your email program is tailored to your industry, company needs, style, and target consumer. Along with integrated statistically-proven media, your results-driven email campaigns are geared to drive traffic to your website, turn leads into customers, and retain subscribers for the long haul.


Not only is our team dedicated to delivering beautiful, tailored email designs, but we specialize in email campaign monitoring. Our campaign monitoring experts will send you a comprehensive report with your click rates, hottest leads, and a full analysis. Whether you are looking to be interactive or hands-free with your email campaigns, your campaign results will be analyzed and used to improve your individual campaign process.

Professional email marketing company for your business in Phoenix, Arizona


What makes us different than the average email marketing company? We work and build your database, intensively. We understand every prospect is a potential sale, and every potential sale can become a loyal, returning customer to your business – with the right attention.

Our team will help you develop and nurture your sales leads, so your company’s image and services remain active in the minds of your customers. For local businesses, our personal and locational approach provides a competitive market advantage. For larger, national companies, a non-automated approach delivers more personal attention to your target consumer – creating customer loyalty and trust.

If your company is in need of professional, personalized template designs, our team of Arizona email marketing experts can provide you with the progressive plan you need. With advanced and personable campaign monitoring, extensive lead building and nurturing, your professional database can continue to grow with your business.

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